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A Brief History of Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter

Chartered June 11th, 2004

   Sons of Tau Lambda Lambda

The Official History of Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


As it was on November 17, 1911 when the Most Honorable Founders, Love, Cooper, Coleman, and Just, saw a need and founded the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated on the campus of Howard University; the men of Southern Maryland also found a need to organize men of similar interest in the name of Omega.


The organization of the Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter began with casual conversation between Brothers Michael Freeman and Lewis Robinson. Brother Freeman lived in Hollywood, of St. Mary’s County, Maryland and Brother Robinson resided in Huntington, of  Charles County, Maryland.


Their first documented meeting to further discuss the creation of the Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter occurred in Solomon’s Island, Maryland, on that ‘FATEFUL SUNDAY,’ August 24, 2003. This conversation was the catalyst for the initiation of a year-long plan to establish a chapter in the Tri-County area of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties.


The purpose of this new chapter would be to serve the Tri-County communities. There was also thinking that perhaps some of the Omega Men living in the Tri-County area would be reclaimed. During this time, the Tau Lambda Lambda organizers hoped that a chapter located in southern Maryland would be an incentive for local Omega men to affiliate since it would be closer in proximity to where they lived. The benefits were seen to be two-fold; the community would have the active presence of more strong black male role models performing needed work and Omega Men would be doing the work of Mother Omega.


Using the Omega Psi Phi Membership Directory, more than 30 Sons of Omega who were living in the Tri-County area were identified. Letters mailed to these brothers, called on them to bind themselves with other local men of similar ideas of attainment. The spark had been ignited and the fire of change and service would soon be burning in the Southern Maryland communities.


The following dates and information depict the matriculation of the Thunderous & Tenacious Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter from “ROOTS to ROYALTY.”


October 6, 2003 - Letters of interest were mailed to the identified Omega Men living in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's counties. Meetings would be held to discuss the idea and interest of establishing a local chapter. There was a hope that the brothers who attended would continue to invite other brothers whom they knew in the area.



**The Meetings of Like Minds Begin!!**


November 1, 2003 - The First meeting of interested Omega Men was held at the Bob Evans Restaurant in Prince Frederick, MD with five (5) brothers in attendance. The first set of minutes was generated and those present made a decision to seek creation of a Chapter in the Southern Maryland area.

Brothers Richard Williams, Orlando Dixon, Lewis Robinson, Michael Freeman and Irv Copeland


December 6, 2003 - The second meeting of the Southern Maryland Ques was held over breakfast in Waldorf, MD.


March 20, 2004 - The third meeting was conducted at the home of Brother Lewis Robinson in Huntingtown, MD.


May 16, 2004 - The fourth meeting took place at the home of Brother Michael Freeman in Hollywood, MD.


May 19, 2004 - At the 56th Annual Second District Conference in Baltimore, MD, the application for charter was submitted.  During this conference, Brother Michael Freeman discussed the prospect of chartering a Southern Maryland Chapter with the 2nd District Representative Brother Gregory E. Ackles, Sr., and Executive Director Brother Earl Wilson. Brother Freeman also reconnected with Brother Granville Johnson at this conference. Brother Johnson had learned of the planning efforts and was in the process of relocating to Southern Maryland.


June 5, 2004 - The fifth meeting was held at the home of Brother Henderson Benjamin, IV in St. Leonard, MD.


June 11, 2004 - The Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter was approved for charter. The Southern Maryland Ques are now official!


The charter members are Brother Henderson C. Benjamin, IV, Brother Linwood K. Burton, Jr., Brother Luther M. Clark, Brother Nathaniel Collins, Jr., Brother Irving W. Copeland, Brother Harold P. Fagan, Brother Michael A. Freeman, Brother Julius (Jay) Gamble, Brother Harold T. Herndon, Brother Granville V. Johnson, III, Brother John G. Lancaster (Omega Chapter), Brother Lewis A. Robinson, Brother W. Thomas Stovall, II, and Brother Glen E. White (Omega Chapter).


July 3, 2004 - The sixth meeting was held at the home of Brother Irving Copeland in Waldorf, MD.


November 13, 2004 - Tau Lambda Lambda Chartering Ceremony was held in Hughesville, MD. Brother

Gregory E. Ackles, Sr., the 2nd District Representative presided over the ceremony with the following attendees:


Brother Granville Johnson III, Basileus
Brother Glen E. White, Vice Basileus (Omega Chapter)
Brother Michael A. Freeman, Keeper of Records and Seal
Brother Irving W. Copeland, Keeper of Finance
Brother Julius (Jay) Gamble, Chaplain
Brother Harold P. Fagan, Keeper of Peace/Parliamentarian
Brother W. Thomas Stovall, II, Chapter Counselor
Brother Henderson Benjamin, IV, Editor to the Oracle
Brother Lewis A. Robinson, Chapter Historian
Brother Nathaniel Collins, Jr., Chapter Photographer
Brother John G. Lancaster (Omega Chapter) 
Brother Linwood K. Burton, Jr.   

Charter Members of TLL
"14 Men Thoroughly Immersed"

Brother Henderson 
C. Benjamin, IV

Brother Linwood K. Burton, Jr.
Brother Luther M. Clark
Brother Nathaniel Collins, Jr.
Brother Irving W. Copeland
  Brother Harold P. Fagan
Brother Michael A. Freeman
Brother Julius (Jay) Gamble
Brother Harold T. Herndon
Brother Granville V. Johnson, III 
Brother John G. Lancaster (Omega Chapter)
Brother Lewis A. Robinson
Brother W. Thomas Stovall, II 
Brother Glen E. White (Omega Chapter)